I am Mamma J, photographer Jaana Loikkanen, and I produce various photography services just for you whether you are a traveler, an individual or a company. Child photos, portraits and event photos are close to my heart, but I’m also happy to make different photos for your business needs. Natural light and nature as a shooting environment is almost the best I know, which is why I shoot a lot outdoors in Paimio and the surrounding area.

If you or your group are tourists in Paimio, feel free to contact us and we will find the best possible location for you, for example, to take a group photo of your Tyky day, or plan a full-day event description together. However, it is not always possible to shoot outdoors, so I have a small studio right in the heart of Paimio. The descriptions are always based on your wishes and your ideas – my goal is to provide you with exactly the images you want or need for your business.

In addition to photography, my job description includes graphic design, so if your company has needs in the advertising industry, please feel free to contact us.