Postinkuja and old houses
Postinkuja Paimio 500

Postinkuja and old houses

Discover one of the most beautiful wooden house areas in Paimio!

The beautiful wooden houses in Postinkuja contain a lot of Paimio history. In this alley you can run into an old residence or the house of a former train boom operator. There is, as the name suggests, a post office in the alley, which later moved to the center of Paimio on Vista. There was also a shoemaker and fur and sawmills along the alley or nearby.

Today, families living on Postinkuja always proclaim a Christmas peace in their home alley at the time of the first Advent. From this proclamation often begins the anticipation of the whole of Paimio’s Christmas season.

At the end of Postinkuja there is a small walking path that leads to the atmospheric Jokipuisto on the shore of Paimio river.

The houses are now inhabited by private people, so respect the houses of Postinkuja and the courtyards along the alley. Thank you!