Colorful. Easy-going. Long traditions.

Paimio is a city that attracts not only various events, fascinating cultural experiences, an atmospheric rural urban environment but also a sunny cultural atmosphere. Paimio has a long tradition on the side of the summer theater and our city has had cinema activities since 1948. The building culture worth mentioning can be seen in the rich e.g. in old wooden houses, museums and, of course, in the unique Paimio sanatorium.

Local businesses

Kahden salin elokuvateatteri Paimion keskustassa. Uusimmat ensi-iltaleffat, uusin digitaalinen esitystekniikka, nousevat katsomot ja mukavat istuimet…
Paimion teatteri on vuodesta 1978 toiminut laadukas ja vireä harrastajateatteri. Teatterilla on kaksi toimipistettä; kesäteatteri Paimion Museomäellä…

Public services

A Pyölniitun museo

Museums & attractions

For the culture-hungry, Paimio offers e.g. museums, churches and historical sites.

Paimion parantola

Paimio sanatorium

In the middle of Paimio's pine forests are the jewel of Finnish architecture and one of the nationally significant built cultural environments in Finland, the Paimio Sanatorium...

Postinkuja Paimio 500


The old villages, village tracks and small urban areas of the city fascinate with their havoc and communality of the past...


Paimio library

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