Paimio for dogs

Does your fur friend always go where you go? There is a lot to do in Paimio for you and your best friend.

Please note that dogs must always be kept tethered in urban areas and according to the Hunting law, dogs must be kept tethered from the beginning of March until 19 August.

Local businesses

Paimion Koirametsä on noin 2 hehtaaria yksityisomisteista, jykevästi aidattua suomalaista sekametsää. Koirametsän voi vuokrata yhdelle tai useammalle koiralle…

Public services

Haukkuhelmi 500

Haukkuhelmi and Dog park

On a hot summer day, dogs also like to take a dip in the water. Haukkuhelmi is Paimio's own dog swimming area.

Paimion Koirapuisto 500

Paimio dog park

Paimio Tiilitehtaantie's dog park is a free park open to everyone and maintained by the Peimarin koira ry (Peimari Dogs Association)...