Swimming places

Water enthusiasts and sun worshipers can enjoy the offer of Paimio’s bathing places, as each enthusiast will find their own swimming pier.

Perhaps the most famous swimming places in Paimio are outdoor pool Ankkalampi and Hiekkahelmi swimming pond. The gentle and clear waters of both of these popular swimming destinations entice families to spend their holidays on the beaches every summer. The most adventurous ones, on the other hand, can be made on their Paimio river.

Maauimala Ankkalampi

Outdoor pool Ankkalampi

The absolute thing for the summer is to take a dip in outdoor pool Ankkalampi. In winter, the Ankkalampi sauna also offers open-air swimming if you dare.

Hiekkahelmi 900x900

Hiekkahelmi swimming pond

Built on a clear-water groundwater pool, this sandy swimming pond is a nice day out for the whole family. The sand bead contains e.g. paved P-area, beach volleyball court, barbecue area...