Outdoor gyms

Outdoor gyms are available for everyone, regardless of age, size or fitness level.

Naskarlan Ulkosali 500

Naskarla park outdoor gym

The new Naskarlanpuisto (Naskarla outdoor gym) is partially covered with a rubber pad. Versatile equipment serves this fitness oasis open to everyone. The outdoor gym is located in a quiet wooded area.

urheilupuisto -Kuntoilupaikka-visitpaimio 500

Sports park outdoor gym

The open-air outdoor gym with Tresfit equipment is located right in the center of Paimio, next to the sports park.

Villen Kuntokeidas 500

Ville's fitness center

Next to Paimio River Park there is an outdoor gym open to everyone, Villen Kuntokeidas (Ville's Fitness Oasis).