Vähäjokipolku & Kohiseva

Vähäjoki trial and Kohiseva

Various nature trails take the hiker or day walker through the woods, high hills and hills or by the water. One fabulous  place is the Vähäjoki trail right next to the center of Paimio.

Vähäjoki is a tributary of the Paimio river, which is about ten kilometers long and flows into the main stream near the center of Paimio. There is a 1.4 km easy-going route along the banks of the river, which is comfortable to walk or cycle. The surface of the illuminated path is flat and can be walked with prams. The trail has small steep hills, but people with reduced mobility can walk with the trail assistant. The path of the trail is a pleasant river and valley landscape and there is also a rapids place called Kohiseva.

There are three information and signposts along the trail.