Askalan Keto & Voimalaitos 1196x1196

Askala field and power plant

The Askala power plant and the Askala field, located in the Paimio river valley, offer visitors a fascinating day trip destination. The cultural landscape that opens up in the valley is also rare in Finland.

Meadows rising from both sides of the river are home to prehistoric plants. There is a short route from the power plant to the opposite field house, which is maintained by the Paimio Region Environmental Association. There are also sheep in the rafters during the summer. Behind the reed fence, a beautiful wooded dam path leaves, which takes its walkers along the river all the way to the dam.

You can get to the area from the direction of Turku as follows: Drive north from the light intersection in the center of Paimio, in the direction of Tarvasjoki, about 6 km. From Tarvasjoentie (street), turn left towards the river valley: in the sign the texts “Askala power plant” and “Voimalantie”. This road is about 1.5 km to the bottom of the valley; at the end is a steep descent.