River park

The river park is an oasis of movement and enjoyment for the people of Paimio. The park-like area on the banks of the Paimio river hosts events throughout the year, such as markets, annual bridge races and the city’s own New Year’s fireworks.

For the mover, Paimio River Park is a dream place. You can improve your fitness in the outdoor gym for all ages, work out on the fitness ladder, skate in the skate park, play on the new Padel court, go jogging or even go kayaking. And who prevents you from taking a dip in the refreshing water of the Paimio river.

A sunny day is crowned by a covered lunch on your own picnic quilt in the armpit of your own gold, in the Paimio River Park.

The river park is located by the Paimionjoki River, on the banks of the former Sawmill, os. Sahurintie 5. The park has two information boards that tell about the history of Paimion Saha and the development activities in the area. You can get there by car.

Local businesses

Toteutamme melontaretkiä Paimionjoella, mm. Paimion jokipuistossa. Valikoimassa löytyy niin inkkarikanootteja, kakajakkeja kuin sup-lautojakin. Melontaan saat aina mukaan…
Padel Jokipuisto on Paimion ytimessä ihmisiä ilahduttava ja liikuttava ulkopeliareena, johon kaikki ovat tervetulleita pelaamaan padelia.
Rakennuskonevuokraus, pientarvikemyynti, vene- ja vesijettivuokraus. Meiltä voit vuokrata nopeutta työmaille ja vesille.
Kanootin ja kajakin vuokrausta Paimionjoella. Kesä- heinäkuussa vuokraus Paimion Jokipuistossa( Sahurintie 5, 21530 Paimio).

Public services

Villen Kuntokeidas 500

Ville's fitness center

Next to Paimio River Park there is an outdoor gym open to everyone, Villen Kuntokeidas (Ville's Fitness Oasis).

Skeitti Ja Skuuttiparkki Visitpaimio 500

Paiske skate park

At Paimio River Park, you can test your skateboard, scout or BMX bike in the new PaiSke skate park. The newly completed park will have its final coating during the spring of 2022...

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Paimio river canoeing route

The Paimio river canoeing route runs from the river park in the center to the sea to Paimionlahti. In total, the route is just over 9 km and the journey takes 4-5 hours per direction...