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Preitilä route

This atmospheric nature trail consists of the Parantola trail, the Paimio nature trail, and the connecting trail between them. The total length of the route is about 11 km and along it there is a shed and a hut with fire places.

What kind of route?
The route is clearly signposted and there are boards along it that tell about the history and nature of the area. The landscapes vary from the park forest and stream valley near the Paimio sanatorium to wonderful rocky areas and salt ponds. For the most part, the route follows a beautiful forest path with moderate differences in height. Different structures have been made in the most challenging places. Details include, for example, an observation tower, a peat museum, Lemmenlampi and pine trees that have grown together. More detailed information can be found on the Parantola trail and Paimio nature trail pages.

How to get there?
The official starting point of the Preitilä route is right next to the Paimio sanatorium, in the parking area of ​​the former chief physician’s residence, i.e. the current Preitilä daycare center and the Parantola forest. The address is Ruokolinnantie 28, Preitilä. Alternatively, you can also start the route from the starting point of the Paimio nature trail, os. Luontopoluntie 54, Paimio.