Paimio sanatorium culture and nature trail

Paimio sanatorium culture and nature trail

The Parantola Trail, located right next to the Paimio Sanatorium, meanders through the Parantola forest, the nature of which varies from Nummi’s handsome pine forest to a green, fairytale-like creek valley.

Along the route, you can see Alvar Aalto’s water pumping station and dam, admire the ‘healing’ pine forest that is part of the architectural experience, or sit on the wooden shelter to grill sausages. Please bring your own firewood!

You can also take a cross-country trail along the signposted path to Parantola’s main building, where you can stop for coffee or lunch, for example.
The path is 2.2 km long. Along it are signposts telling the history of the area.

The trail has been implemented and is maintained by the Parantola Forest Association.

Location: Ruokolinnnantie 28, 21540 Paimio

Explore the trail and its surroundings in the video.