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Paimio nature trail

The Paimio nature trail invites visitors to enjoy natural sights amidst marsh and pond landscapes, cliffs and rugged forests. The length of the loop is 4 km.

Attractions and recreation areas

Along the route you can see the diverse nature, rest on the marsh, admire the impressive landscape that opens from the lookout tower or even grill sausages in the Väinölä hut. The ‘damn field’ near it is amazing. The trail can be reached in an hour, but take your time to enjoy a snack, watch the birds, read the information boards and admire the sights. The easily accessible destination offers a wilderness atmosphere and natural peace. – The history of the place, the extraction of peat, is told in a mini-exhibition built in the engine room of the old Pehkutehdas (near the P-place).


The beginning of the path is flat; it includes long trees, the bottom of an old peat track, a traditional path and a bridge over the watercourse. In the middle of the route, the terrain turns into a gentle rocky slope. The path from the rest point onwards is more demanding and cannot be recommended for people with reduced mobility. Of course, just a round trip to the break is rewarding.

In wet weather, rocky sections and the wooden structures of the path are slippery and there may be wet spots in the terrain. There is no maintenance in winter. The trail is driven at your own risk. You should bring your own firewood for the trip. The route is intended for hiking, its sensitive nature does not withstand mountain biking.

Read more in the Paimio Nature Trail brochure.

The trail is maintained by the Paimio Society. The city of Paimio is a partner. The route runs mainly on private land. The trail is located in Iso-Heikoisi, about 6 km from the center of Paimio.
Address: Luontopoluntie 54, Paimio.