Oinilan jokipolku

Oinila river path

The beautiful banks and traditional landscapes of the Paimio river can be admired from a few places, and one of these is the Oinila river trail, maintained by the Paimio river Association.

The natural path, implemented in 2018, meanders right along the river bank and is therefore not completely unobstructed. The profile of the river is steep and the terrain can be very uneven in part. The Paimionjoki Association has created support structures for the trail to make it easier to navigate.

The trail runs partly on city and privately owned land, so it’s important to respect this by keeping the trails clean of debris and following the path intended for the trail.

You can get a roundabout on the route by going towards the Electricity Company’s walkway to the activity center Apila. The starting point of the trail can be found in Apila’s yard, address Sähköyhtiötie 4, Paimio. There are information and signposts along the trail.