Nature trails & attractions

Nature trails & attractions

Paimio is an equal area for hiking and enjoying nature. Trails and roads offer hikers and cyclists experiences in a varied natural environment, such as along waterways, in wooded areas, or in open rocky terrain. Alongside ponds and small rivers, Paimio is crossed by the Paimio river, along which the Paimio river valley is a nationally valuable landscape area. The Oinila river path, the Paimio river tourist road or the Vähäjoki trail, which meander along the Paimio river, are strongly part of the region’s diverse nature.

Paimion Luontopolku Laavu Visitpaimio

Paimio nature trail

The Paimio nature trail invites visitors to enjoy natural sights amidst marsh and pond landscapes, cliffs and rugged forests. The length of the loop is 4 km...

Oinilan jokipolku

Oinila river path

The beautiful banks and traditional landscapes of the Paimio river can be admired from a few places, and one of these is the Oinila river trail, maintained by the Paimio river Association...

Jokipuisto 500x500

River park

The river park is an oasis of movement and enjoyment for the people of Paimio. The park-like area on the banks of the Paimio river hosts events throughout the year, such as...


Paimio sanatorium culture and nature trail

The Parantola Trail, located right next to the Paimio Sanatorium, meanders through the Parantola forest, the nature of which varies from Nummi's handsome pine forest to a green, fairytale-like creek valley...

Paimion polku

Paimio trail, Lampipolku trail and Helmi MTB

The 18 km long Paimio trail winds through varied terrain and landscapes. On this 50-year-old hiking trail you can enjoy handsome rocky areas, idyllic rural landscapes and large ponds formed in an old sand pit area...

Paimionjoen matkailutie & jokilaakso

River valley of Paimio river

The roads around the Paimio river contain places worth visiting, especially in summer. Along the river you can find e.g. local food shops, museum area, summer theater, swimming area, cafes and of...

Vähäjokipolku & Kohiseva

Vähäjoki trial and Kohiseva

Various nature trails take the hiker or day walker through the woods, high hills and hills or by the water. One fabulous  place is the Vähäjoki trail right next to the center of Paimio...

Preitilän Reitti VisitPaimio

Preitilä route

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