Arrival in Paimio

Arrival in Paimio

By road

Paimio is about a 20-minute drive from Turku. By car Paimio can be conveniently reached from Turku on the Turku-Helsinki E18 motorway and the same road from Helsinki in less than 2 hours.

From Hämeentie (10-road) you can easily reach the Paimio side from many places. For example, turn onto the 181 road, which passes through Paimio and continues all the way to the archipelago via Sauvo and Kemiö. You can also turn from Hämeentie to Juntolantie or 2341, through which you can also get a scenic route to the center of Paimio.

You can also rent a car from Paimio Car Rental Avis or Turku

Parking is mainly free in Paimio.


The bus takes you to Paimio every day, e.g. From Turku and Helsinki. More information:

Onnibussi stop at Paimio near Neste. Learn more about Onnibus.

You can buy tickets from the driver or Matkahuolto.

Railway station in Turku

Turku railway station can be conveniently reached from all over Finland.
The distance between the railway station and the bus station in Turku is less than 1 km. The train passes through Paimio without stopping, so further connections by car or bus to Paimio.

Airport in Turku

Local traffic line 1 takes you from the airport to the center of Turku, a distance of about 7 km, from where you can continue by bus to Paimio.

Helsinki Airport

There are more than 20 bus services from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Turku.

Passenger port in Turku

You can get to the Port of Turku from Stockholm in Sweden and Mariehamn in Åland with Viking Line and Tallink Silja. Local traffic line number 1 transports from the port to Turku bus station.


Fortunately, there are short distances in Paimio and more bike paths are being made all the time. For more information, cycle in Paimio.


In Paimio, the distances are nice and short, so the destinations on foot can be easily folded in the center of Paimio, for example.